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Why Choose a Custom Engagement Ring?

When you choose to design a custom engagement ring, you can create a vision of something truly unique and personal to you and your significant other. The design process of creating a custom ring can give you and your new fiance the opportunity to share ideas, find styles and elements that you both like, and ultimately design a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your personalities

Custom designs also afford the opportunity to combine different elements that you and your love find appealing. For instance, mix elements like elaborate filigree work with a single diamond or a halo setting with a unique color of diamond or another gemstone, like sapphire. You can use different precious metals for your engagement ring, too, like platinum or palladium. There's no limit to what you can design with our available selection of styles, colors, and gemstones.

You can design your engagement ring to fit within a budget, too. When you consult with our jewelry professionals, we'll help you outline your budget and discuss different custom elements that stay within your price range. We can help you develop a unique piece from scratch, or we can build off of your own inspirations and other trending designs to help you create a ring that your significant other will fall in love with.

Fill out the Custom Ring form and give us as much detail as possible.