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At ECI Jewelers, our strict standards of quality ensure that all of our diamond shapes are of the highest cut and craftsmanship. Our extensive collection of natural, ethically sourced, GIA graded diamonds include every shape from the classic round brilliant to fancy shapes such as emerald cut, oval cut and cushion cut diamonds. ECI Jewelers Collection diamonds feature the highest quality of diamond cut and craftsmanship available in the world. Our Affinity Collection diamonds include the "Hearts and Arrows" round brilliant diamond cut, and both emerald and Asscher cut diamonds.


Various diamond shapes all have their own distinct and unique properties; the way a particular diamond appears to the wearer, reflects and refracts light and displays fire and brilliance all depend upon it's shape. Choose your preferred shape below to learn about what will become your favorite diamond shape. If you have further questions, please contact our one of our on staff gemologists who will happily walk you through the process of selecting a diamond just right for you.


The modern round brilliant Cut Diamond has been a popular staple in engagement and wedding rings for nearly a century. Whether you are creating a ring, pendant or earrings- the round brilliant cut mounts easily into most settings flawlessly, and is the most versatile of all diamond shapes.

The round brilliant diamond features 58 precision-cut facets that maximize the amount of sparkle and brilliance the viewer sees within the heart of the stone. The round brilliant is highly prized as this cut offers the widest range of color and clarity flexibility of any shape available today.